Light up Your Idea

Startup Festival 2018 is an Asian representative start-up festival
with more than 100 start-ups, global leaders, investors, private and goverments officials and citizens.

We will have a variety of programs, including conferences, biz matching, networking, exhibitions, experience events,
and cultural performances to share various knowledge and experience about start-ups.
Welcome to Startup Festival 2018.

Key note

Randi Zuckerberg

  • Zuckerberg Media CEO / Founder

Chris Barton

  • Shazam Board Director / Co-Founder

Do Gyun Guen

  • Primer CEO / Founder


Speech / Forum Communicate start-up and future
with global leaders and experts.
Training / Consulting Promote promising start-up overseas
expansion and growth.
Exhibition and Events Exhibits to experience
the latest technologies.
Networking We will arrange a time to talk naturally
with local and foreign start-ups.
Cultural Performance Enjoy various cultural performance.
IR Introducing promising startups of
Startup Festival to investors.


Venue Haeundae, Busan

  • Paradise Hotel

    1-1) Content Creator and Start-up Collaboration project

    1-2) Day of ReChallenge

    1-3) Startup Network: Sharing Successful Case

    1-4) Start-up Networking Party

    1-5) Dandi Venture Forum

  • Gunam-ro

    2-1) Exhibition of Start-ups based on Tech.

    2-2) Crowd Funding on the road

    2-3) Openspace Networking

    2-4) Music Parade

    2-5) Be a Maker!

  • Haeundae & Main Stage

    3-1) Rock Music Festa

    3-2) K-Pop Music Festa

    3-3) Indie Music Festa

    3-4) EDM Music Festa

    3-5) Future JOB Conference

    3-6) One-person Company Conference

    3-7) E-Mobility Zone

    3-8) Mini Concert

    3-9) Startup Boxing Day

    3-10) Startup Antena Shop

    3-11) Stamp Point

business zone
  • 그랜드호텔

    4-1) Purchase Consultation for International buyers and Start-ups

    4-2) Design Consulting for Start-up

    4-3) START-UP NEST

  • The Westin Chosun

    5-1) Global Startup Summit

    5-2) Founders Forum

    5-3) IR Pitching_Grand Challenge

    5-4) IR Pitching_Orange Fab Lab

    5-5) Private Meet-up

    5-6) Start-up Mentoring Conference

    5-7) Venture Invest Convention

    5-8) Global Startup Networking

  • 더베이 101

    6-1) TIPS Grand Convention

    6-2) TIPS Grand Convention Free Networking

    6-3) IR with Corporate Accelerator

    6-4) Special Talk

    6-5) Welcome Party

    6-6) Startup Party on cruise.

    6-7) Exhibition of Start-ups participating in IR Pitching

    6-8) IR Participant Networking

  • 6-1) BootCamp

    6-2) One day Class